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I am a member of the Liberal Party, and care very much about the area where I have lived and grown up all of my life.

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OMD Fans

I have been a lifelong fan of the band OMD and met some great people along the way.

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Well not so much news, but I have a archive of some stories and information that I have published here over the years.

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Pretty much by accident I have built up my YouTube Channel, and lots of videos published. Why not take a visit.

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neil_taylor_ to say but the least. Should be 3 questions. Is it a renewal - Yes Have circumstances changed - No Any other info - No Hit submit. It really should be that easy, not 60 plus stupid questions.
01:42PM Jul 18
neil_taylor_ @Tesco please, and have requested in the past but can your #altrincham store join in the radar key scheme for disabled users. The facility in it's current state is constantly being abused.
12:10PM Jul 18
neil_taylor_ And on and on and on it goes. So my elderly friend aged 94 has now got to wait for a phone call in a 'few' days to get her blue badge, even though I have explained she is also hard of hearing. Pretty dismal to treat our elders this way. Poor show.
12:02PM Jul 18
neil_taylor_ was also a good friend, and attended his funeral.
11:43AM Jul 18
neil_taylor_ sadly Graham Cliff is now dead
11:08AM Jul 18