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Neil Taylor

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I am a member of the Liberal Party, and care very much about the area where I have lived and grown up all of my life.

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OMD Fans

I have been a lifelong fan of the band OMD and met some great people along the way.

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Well not so much news, but I have a archive of some stories and information that I have published here over the years.

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Pretty much by accident I have built up my YouTube Channel, and lots of videos published. Why not take a visit.

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neil_taylor_ Waves of people in strange directions It's no use talking, there's no decisions They gave up houses to be refugees
06:57PM Mar 19
neil_taylor_ Always making statements And moving step by step Always acting theories I will regret My only consolation In the things that I've done Are the people who know me And the objects I own
02:54PM Mar 19
neil_taylor_ Took Wayne for a lovely drive over the peak district. And now some food in #macclesfield
02:06PM Mar 19
neil_taylor_ Precision & Decay lyrics From Luxury to Landfill And Precision to Decay The Highway of Prosperity To Collapse and Decay The Ford Rouge plant at Deerborn Michigan Men and Machine A Song of Power, Day and Night There is no such thing as Labour Saving Machinery
09:24AM Mar 19
neil_taylor_ Been working with a @freelancer from Argentina on a web site. More than happy with the work provided.
11:18PM Mar 18