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For all of my working life, I have involved in the photographic trade, in one way or another. For some 20 years, I had a photographic business, that I disposed of back in 2006.

I have always played an active role on the industry, and have served and sat on many committees over the years, with the intention to help, and support the independent lab owner.

Back in 2004/2005 I launched an idea that I had, a self help group for lab owners, that would be independent run, free from subscriptions, with a relaxed feel.

Mini Lab Help.com was born

As time has gone on, the web site now has a true international audiance and it just keeps on growing. If you have an interest in the Mini Lab Industry then a visit to Mini Lab Help.com is for you .... HERE  

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Mini Labs and Bongos ! whats all that about then? well, you can find Mini Lab Info at Mini Lab Help.com and for the Mazda Bongo Owner, you can take a peak and find out more at the independent web site for the Mazda Bongo owne