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I am a member of the Liberal Party, and care very much about the area where I have lived and grown up all of my life.

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OMD Fans

I have been a lifelong fan of the band OMD and met some great people along the way.

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Well not so much news, but I have a archive of some stories and information that I have published here over the years.

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Pretty much by accident I have built up my YouTube Channel, and lots of videos published. Why not take a visit.

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For a while we had been looking for a car/people carrier that would be able to transport, us and the kids. But we also wanted to find a mode of transport, that would be a little different.
 We found a thing called a Bongo.. Well a Mazda Bongo , this is a MPV mulitiple people vehicle that has 8 seats, but can be switched and changed, so that it can become a simple camper van, or with more work could become fully blown camper with a full conversion.

 Ours is pretty standard, but with its elevating roof, and space, it has become an ideal Bongo for us. 

 At the time when we became owners (2007) we found a owners web site, that on the face of it looked nice, but time moved on, and another side to it soon showed its head.

 But no worries, as ever, Neil, never afraid of a challenge, knocked up a genuine Mazda Bongo web site, that is run by owners, for owners, with not hidden subscription charges ... As they say the rest is History, you will find that Bongo Forum is the one and only web site, without subscriptions, and you can find it at 

In 2012 our Mazda Bongo went to a new home, but we had a fantastic few years of ownership 

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neil_taylor_ Everything you take, everything you gave, All the things you've found, all the things you've made Everyone you lost and saved Nothing will remain, cradle or grave.
01:54PM Jan 18
neil_taylor_ Everything you say everything you do, All the things you own, all the things you knew, Everyone you love everyone you hate, All will be erased and replaced.
09:54PM Jan 17
neil_taylor_ There's no heaven there's no hell Cream will float but shit will sell Step aside avoid the smell I surrender ring the bell
05:57PM Jan 17
neil_taylor_ a lot of stock is also being snapped up by foreign investors.
03:17PM Jan 17
neil_taylor_ I have a full copy of the Trafford UDP the unitary development plan adopted by council in 2006. All getting thrown out of the window. But still an interesting read. @SGMG2017
03:12PM Jan 17