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Welcome to Neil Taylor.info

Written by Neil on .

Thank you for visiting my web site. Here you will be able to find out a little more about me, if you want to read.
 Though do not expect to find anything too exciting!! 

In 2009 I set up this domain to replace www.neiltaylor.co.uk just to keep things a little simpler for my self. All a long sotory, but my original domain is full of things to do with other websites, that I look after.

Enjoy.... You will find here
  • Links to my forum
  • A bit about my past
  • Work, Rest and Play
  • And more....

Neil Taylor

If you want to contact me, the best option is to use my contact form, find that HERE, you can also e-mail me neil [at] aniceplace.co.uk make sure that you use a real @

My mobile number is 07825 077204 if needed

The Liberal Party

Written by Neil on .

Back in December 2016 I wrote THIS Good Bye to the local Lib Dems. Well since then I did what I said I was going to to do, and joined The Liberal Party. 
All of a sudden the June 2017 snap general election was called, and to cust a long story short, I am now a parlimentary candidate for The Liberal Party. This is also going to add asa spring board for the 2018 local elections where I am looking forward to standing and campaigning back in my old Timperley Ward.

So to find out a bit more about the Trafford Liberal Party use THIS LINK to visit and find out more. 

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