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Neil at Play

Written by Neil on .

 In my leisure time, what do I like doing?

Well, the sad thing, is that like so many people to-day, we all seem to have less and less time to pursue and do things that we enjoy.

But given a chance, I enjoy listening to music, of which I have a diverse taste! I enjoy fishing (course) Trying to spend some time to progress and look after my OMD site, has been a passion for many years though since around 2006 this has slowly been placed on the back burner.. Camping, and the outdoor life, also a joy to do. We have great memories from when we used to own a our Mazda Bongo and now proud owners of ourDANDY!

I do enjoy a pint, and like to get down to my local, and traditional bar in Altrincham, but also can be found from time to time, in other bars, pubs in the local area.
I would like to think that going to clubs, was on this list, but hey ho… I am getting older now!

I have also made a pledge to myself to do more fishing, to relax, chill out, and get away from the 'tint'ernet.


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