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Frank Sidebottom Statue TV coverage showing good quality coverage from ITV Granada Reports prior to the unveiling, plus more coverage on IT and Granada Reports plus the BBC and North West tonight on the big day that took place on the 20th October 2013


Peat Briquettes a smokeless alternative to burning coals or logs on your burners. 
Here I take a look at how easy , or how hard it is to get a log burner going with Peat Briquettes 
alternative to logs or coal

We did it, we got a life size bronze Statue of Frank Sidebottom in Timperley. Here is how the TV covered the story

And here is some video of a Holiday we took in November

The final camp that we managed to do was in September at Woodbine Cottage

Warmer days and an afternoon by the river Bollin

Here is Lee and Sky at the Timperley Country Fair dog show.. Alas Sky spots me and has his own plans to sayy hello

Its been a while since I did an update here, but have added a lot of new photos to the Facebook Albums, and you can view them HERE

Have also done a new information video about how to light a Log burner, this is useing heat logs from Woof! Fuels. Why not have a look at my informtion videos HERE

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